Farid Kajani
AT&T Resource allocation and Forecasting Tool
This demo is for Context Sensitive Help Proposal.
Bloomingdales / Macys Associate Productivity Demo
This demo is for the associate and their managers to track the performance.
Healthport ERequest Demo
(This is a very dynamic demo which is used to simulate the Medical Record Request online. It has an admin section for demo too.
Wireless Sales (for COX communications)
Hotel Management (for One Travel)
Small Business Loan Origination System (for Fidelity Information systems)
(Please turn off your Pop-up blocker to view this demo.)
Transportation Service
(User Id: anything
Password: Ordertaker, Manager or Dispatcher)

SmartLink (Windows Application Demo)
(This is a Windows application that was prototyped in the web environment for easy sharing and viewing of the screens.
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